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Monday, November 10, 2014

New Game 2014


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shaiya Game

Shaiya, another successful MMO released by popular distributors Aeria Games is a game that combines some very interesting innovation with a very stock standard MMORPG styled engine. Slay terrible beasts, wield powerful weapons – just try not to die, as in some modes of Shaiya, death is permanent.

Publisher: Aeria Games
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Duels / Faction based
Filesize: 955MB

Offifal site :

Pros: +Good interface. +Easy to learn quest and battle systems. +Unique radar and map. +Perma-Death system. +Innovative ‘Dueling / Wager’ system.

Cons: -Difficult to progress in the beginning. -Slow experience gain on some difficulties. -Limited character customization.

Game Client :
pilih mane yg laju.. cpat skit siap

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Maple Story is a new MMORPG game to hit the shores of Malaysia. With a 2D interface powered by a 3D game engine, its graphics is highly immersive and dazzling. Imagine journeying through a beautiful sunset and birds sailing through the sky that gives a lively game setting. Offering a choice of 4 occupations, one can choose to be a warrior, magician, bowman or thief; and after advancing to level 30 one can choose specialisation based on their primary occupation. Maple Story offers item hunts and team-based quests, which allow players to work in a team or explore the Maple Story world by themselves. Come join and explore the wonders and beauty in Maple Story!

Game Client :
Full Version (V0.87 Full Client)

Manual Patch :
Manual Patch v0.86 ~ 0.87 (MediaFire)

Jin Online

JIN ONLINE merupakan permainan online yang berunsurkan elemen fantasi dan imaginasi dengan kemunculan Jin bersama watak. Secara umumnya, Jin akan memainkan peranan penting di dalam pengembaraan pemain ke Dunia Atlantis.

Latar Belakang
Jin adalah kurniaan Dewa kepada manusia di dalam usaha membantu memerangi Kuasa Gelap. Suatu ketika dahulu Dunia Atlantis telah diserang oleh Kuasa Gelap yang diketuai oleh Jeneral Syaitan Hades. Demi keamanan Atlantis, manusia mula bangkit dan menyerang balas Jeneral Syaitan Hades. Pahlawan, Mage dan Paladin mula bersatu menetang Kuasa Gelap tetapi satria-satria Atlantis bukanlah lawan kepada tentera Jeneral Syaitan Hades. Melihat keadaan ini, Dewa telah turun dan mengurniakan telur Jin kepada manusia. Satria-satria Atlantis dapat mematahkan serangan Kuasa Gelap dan Jeneral Syaitan Hades melarikan diri ke Alam Gelap meninggalkan Tentera Kuasa Gelap.

Permulaan era baru, 'Jin Online' memperkenalkan Era PK Berpasukan
Jin Online telah memperkenalkan corak permainan yang baru dimana para pemain tidak akan bertempur secara berseorangan. Ini adalah kerana terdapat Jin-Jin yang sedia berkhidmat kepada pemain. Sistem ini dipanggil Sistem Jin.

Sistem Jin adalah sistem unik yang terdapat di dalam Jin Online. Setiap pemain baru akan mendapat 2 ekor Jin apabila memasuki permainan untuk buat pertama kali. Jin-Jin ini berfungsi sebagai kawan dan pelindung kepada pemain. Apabila mencapai tahap tertentu, pemain boleh bergabung dengan Jin untuk mendapatkan kebolehan istimewa Jin. Terdapat 40 jenis Jin dan pemain boleh mencarinya di dalam permainan.

Muat turun Client :

Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online

Fiesta is a game that you download and install on your computer.It may take more than an hour if you're on a slower internet connection.Downloading is powered by Pando Networks: an initial small download installs the Fiesta download helper, which then downloads the game more quickly.

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Luna Online

Hi you can call me... Stan. <.< ... >.> Yeah, Stan... Anyways, I'm brand new just like you! Hey, I know! Let's log in and start playing Luna Online together!

To get started you'll need to install and update Luna Online to the latest version. You can find that at the download page. After you've done that, you'll just need to click the shortcut for Luna Online and you'll see the awesome Launcher.

Game Client :

Link 1 : Official Download Link 1
Link 2 : Official Download Link 3
Link 3 : Official Download Link 4

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Legend Of Cabal

A long time ago, the CABAL cleansed the land with fury
and destruction. Amidst the needless devastation, seven
great masters of Force Power led the remaining survivors
to reconstruction.

Now, almost a thousand years later, the CABAL puppeteer
the evil again, breeding a child to be king and once again
cleanse the land. It is up to you to face the incadors of
Nevareth and uncover the conspiracy behind it.

Amongst the 100+ NPCs in CABAL, you'll find friends and
foes, good and evil. But remain vigilant! As sides change,
some allies may turn on you, while former enemies can now
be trusted...